Anheuser Busch Inbev NV (ADR) (NYSE:BUD) Baffles The World With Its Recent Move As Appetite For Craft Beer Rises


The stock of Craft Brew Alliance Inc (NASDAQ:BREW) closed at $18.25 gaining 4.58% in yesterday’s trading session. Anheuser Busch Inbev NV (ADR) (NYSE:BUD) recently bought about 10 different craft breweries. Craft brewers won’t be sitting back with hands folded and that is why it chose to kick-start a crowd funding campaign in which it sought to raise almost $200 billion and the goal was to purchase the King of Beer.

To some people following closely on the matter, the move is either humorous or hopeless. That is considering just how difficult it can get at times raising hundreds of billions of dollars from each of the investors.

The Take Back Craft website delves in the matter and has noted that it might require every woman, man, and child in the United States making a contribution of about $653 to reach the goal or somewhere below $29 if everyone in the world made a contribution. About 8,500 contributors have through writing promised $2.7 million.

The success achieved by the craft beer industry in the past two decades has been immense. Megabrewer’s takeover attempts were not received quite well by the craft beer industry. Some time back, they took out ads launching complaints about the creation of so-called mass craft beer. It was at the start of this particular year that that the Brewers Association proceeded to initiate a new labeling program that will see most of the craft brewers identify themselves by the term “Independent Craft”.

Arguments have been forwarded with some people holding on to the fact that it doesn’t really matter who prepares the beer provided that it tastes good. It is quite evident that quite a significant number of people are determined to support the small and local brewers.

One analysts following on the industry’s progress opined, “In reality, the megabrewers use their broad distribution networks to control the space. It’s certainly difficult enough for craft brewers to compete against one another without AB InBev, Miller Coors, and Constellation Brands crowding out shelf space.”


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