Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) Evolves Channel Programs To Hasten Growth Of Its Partners


Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) announced recently that it’s developing its channel programs to enable its partners to access new opportunities, improve software and customer service skills set, and differentiate themselves from the rest in the market. The new changes were proposed on November, 1 during the meeting held in Cisco Partner Summit in Dallas.

The company plans to make three major changes to its program which include; simplification of processes, building capabilities and strengthening partner value exchange programs so as to help its partners adapt to the advanced market trends and customer needs while enhancing Cisco’s overall performance.

According to Marc Surplus, the Cisco Vice President for Strategy, Planning and Programs, the power of Cisco’s partner ecosystem is highly grounded in the close relationships it has with its key partners. To keep pace with the fast-changing technology in the world today, Cisco knows that it needs to put its partners on toes to operate effectively.

Cisco launched channel programs as a plan to foster continuous commitment to improve its overall partner experience, strengthen its joint go-to-market initiatives, and enable its partners to succeed in owning their digital transformation space. In addition, the changes to the programs intend to help Cisco and its partners to effectively shift the business to the software, increase revenue and reward devoted partners.

The company plans to shake up its partner program by introducing a simplified strategy for deal registration, specialization, and incentive programs. Cisco is focused on simplification of its deal registration process by reforming the approval process and reducing the amount of input required. For instance, the company is combining its hunting and teaming program tracks from 15 to just two.

Cisco is also planning to change its specialization portfolio. The company will cut down its Express-level specializations from ten to one, while the Advanced Architecture Specializations will drop from 13 to five and all its Advanced Technology Specialization will culminate to Advanced Video. The new initiatives will allow Cisco’s partners to upgrade their infrastructure to become more digital experts.


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