Nielsen N.V. Ordinary Shares (NYSE:NLSN) Announces Renewed Measurement Deal With EchoPoint Media


Nielsen N.V. Ordinary Shares (NYSE:NLSN) has publicized a new strategic deal with EchoPoint Media involving quantitative insights and local TV ratings.

The company announced the new deal on November 1 revealing that it struck a new agreement with EchoPoint. The new deal will facilitate EchoPoint’s continued provision of qualitative insights and local TV ratings from Nielsen. EchoPoint is expected to increase the number of markets for which it makes use of the Local TV ratings from Nielsen. The number of markets is expected to increase to 49.

The new strategic measurement agreement between the two firms also highlights a renewal of EchoPoint’s license to Nielsen Scarborough throughout the expanded markets. Terri Reilly, the president of EchoPoint Media stated that his firm was pleased about the new deal because it will facilitate the growth of the relationship between the two firms. Reilly also expressed confidence in the improvements that Nielsen has been making towards delivering high-quality demographic ratings as well as measuring local TV.

“EchoPoint has a long history leveraging Nielsen measurement and qualitative services to obtain the most comprehensive view of local market trends and to plan, execute and post against our media campaigns,” stated Reilly.

Nielsen Local Agency Client Solutions’ managing director Michael Sharp stated that EchoPoint is in need of reliable data sets especially with the increasing demand for more transparency and accountability by advertisers and marketers. Reliable data sets will make it easier for the company to showcase more value and also to provide clients with the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

Sharp also pointed out that his company’s products and services are designed to solve the currently existing problems in the complex media landscape. The solutions also aim to facilitate the optimization of campaign budgets while making it easier for the customers to come up with smart decisions based on the data provided. The company has been working on new ways of measuring local TV data through the integration of data from satellite boxes and cable TV.

Nielsen stock closed the latest trading session on Wednesday at $36.13 after tanking by 2.45 percent compared to the value of the stock during the previous close.


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