Vodacom Group and Nokia Oyj (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) In Concerted Effort To Carry Out Trial Of 5G In South Africa


The stock of Nokia Oyj (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) closed at $5.05 losing 0.79% in yesterday’s trading session. This company together with Vodacom Group will be carrying out the trail of 5G technology in South Africa. The two firms have expressed their commitment to provide faster data delivery and this is a matter it expects will be received warmly by quite a large number of users.

The Memorandum of Understanding with Vodacom provides that Nokia will be entrusted with the provision of the most recent 5G innovations including among other things the AirScale Radio Access, massive MIMO Adaptive Antennas, and end-to-end Mobile Anyhaul transport networks. It will be in an effort to test the way they can be used in meeting up to the ever changing demand in the country.

Andries Delport, the Vodacom Group Chief Technology Officer, opined, “As leading mobile network provider in South Africa, with the best 3G and 4G networks, it was crucial for us to partner a formidable player such as Nokia as we’re gearing ourselves for the next generation of wireless networks, 5G.”

The early 1990s were characterized by prior upgrades of cellular standards 2G.From there was the 3G which was introduced in 2000 and by 2010 the 4G was being upgraded. Experts have said that the 5G standards will be linking cars, cargo, machines and crop equipment to the internet if everything moves according to plan. There is also a growing need to speed up data times.

The two companies have plans underway to start delivering Ultra-HD and virtual reality video services. They will be using the ultra-low latency capabilities of 5G and the enhanced mobile broadband.

Ranjen Naidoo, the head of Vodacom South Africa Customer Team at Nokia said that they were working closely with Vodacom. Their aim was to figure out how they would be transitioning to meet up to the various subscriber and enterprise needs in best possible way.

Nokia used to be a top performer until numerous challenges came its way. However, it is slowly springing back to life according to an official that has worked with it over the years.


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