Visa Inc (NYSE:V) Unveils The Latest Payment Werables For Fans Set To Attend The Olympic Winter Games


The stock of Visa Inc (NYSE:V) closed at $112.47 losing 0.17% in yesterday’s trading session. This company has unveiled new payment wearables for all those fans that will be attending the next winter games. Fans and athletes as well will take advantage of the company’s creation of commemorative stickers, payment gloves and Olympic pins to complete secure payments. All they will need to do will be to simply tap any contactless-enabled terminal.

The Korea country manager at Visa, Iain Jamieson stated, “We are looking forward to transforming the payment experience for everyone who attends the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang. At Visa, we have been working tirelessly to ensure all of the Olympic venues are equipped with the very latest payment capabilities.”

Visa drew its inspiration from the long-standing tradition of collecting commemorative pins at the Olympic Games and has promised both fans and athletes the best experience. If all moves according to plan, the company will soon be bringing to the market about four unique lapel pins and all of them will feature the custom PyeongChang 2018 designs.

The USA Olympic gold medalist and Team Visa athlete, Mikaela Shiffrin, in a statement outlined that it was critical for him as a Winter Olympian to work with a brand like Visa. He admired the company a great deal for the support it offered most of the athletes. He also went ahead to recognize the provider’s efforts in enhancing the fan experience for all persons that attended the games.

According to him, the Olympic pins happen to be the most coveted collectibles. Top measures to simply matters are being set up and soon customers will be able to buy stickers and pins from the Lotte Card website and the Lotte Card’s customer centers in Korea.

The South Korean Olympic Speed Skating and Team Visa athlete Park Seung-Hi said that he took great pride in the fact that it was his country hosting the Games. It was a great thing that the company was looking into introducing Visa payment innovations globally.


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