Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Leads The Industry As Security Firm Plans To Use Mask To Thwart iPhone X’s Face ID


The stock of Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) closed at $174.67 losing 0.33% in yesterday’s trading session. This company has been leading in terms of innovations and the most recent ones have been the introduction of the iPhone X and the  Face ID security.

However, what ended up baffling quite a significant number of people globally was the boasting by the company. It was taking the strong stand that not even the Hollywood-quality masks were capable of fooling the system.

A number of security researchers at Bkav have brought forward a revelation citing that they used a specially-built mask to thwart the Face ID. Contrary to striving for absolute realism, the team paid focus to coming up with its mask and it targeted tricking the depth-mapping technology.

The aim is to exploit the Face ID and produce the face model and these are achievable using the hand-crafted “skin” and 3D printing. Several experts have come out clearly to state that the proof of concept is apparently working. Some sections, for instance the eyes are 2D images.

Researchers were excited that it worked, though they proceeded to downplay the misconception among many that they were compelled to “cheat.” The device was trained from a real person’s face and all that it required was only about $150 in supplies and that is excluding the off-the-shelf 3D printer.

The Demo was successful and it showcased the Face ID working in just a single try. To this moment, it is not yet clear how many false starts Bkav traversed before eventually introducing a mask that worked smoothly. It was back in November that the company started directing its efforts in coming up with the mask and it took about 5 days to complete the project.

A number of reporters went after Apple pressuring it to comment in relation to that matter. It responded to the reporters by pointing them to the security white paper outlining how the Face ID authenticated users and detected faces.

Apple’s spokesperson opined, “More than anything, the seeming achievement emphasizes that biometric sign-ins are usually about convenience, not completely foolproof security. “


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