Trusted Reviews Names Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NASDAQ:AMD) The “Brand Of The Year”


The stock of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NASDAQ:AMD) closed at $11.09 losing 1.51% in yesterday’s trading session. This company performed well in the Trusted Reviews Awards 2017.Some of the titles that it won include the reader’s choice of “Best Tech 2017 Brand of the Year,” the AMD Ryzen™ processors and the “PC Component of the Year” for AMD.

Trusted Reviews happens to be one of the most respected news and media websites in UK. Over the years, it has been a comprehensive source of user reviews, independent expert reviews as well as news regarding the consumer electronics. It has developed a culture of holding a yearly celebration in recognition of the best products unveiled globally.

The Editor of Trusted Reviews, Evan Kypreos, during the 10th annual Trusted Reviews Awards opined, “AMD redefined what gamers could expect from their PCs this year, which is a major factor in winning the reader-voted award. In doing so, it beat Samsung, Apple, and Intel. The award tops off a sterling year for the company, which boasted a 300% profits increase in its most recent earnings report thanks to huge sales of its new Ryzen processors.”

It is the public that usually decides the winner of the “Brand of the Year” whereas the “PC Component of the Year” award is selected by a panel of Trusted Reviews experts. An analyst following closely on the matter has outlined that 2017 has all along been an incredible year for AMD. That is in the delivery of both the Radeon™ RX Vega Graphics and AMD Ryzen processors.

A number of the industry enthusiasts have indicated their appreciation for the industry-leading innovation that AMD has over the years brought to the PC market. John Taylor, the Chief Marketing Officer for AMD said that they remained grateful to the Trusted Reviews audience.

They had been quite supportive of AMD efforts in pushing the boundaries of what is possible for enthusiasts, developers, consumers, creators and gamers. AMD employees globally have been focusing on coming up with diverse products that push boundaries of what is possible.


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