Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Watches As Huawei Makes Plans To Unveil Its Phone In The U.S In February


The stock of Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) closed at $170.60 gaining 0.02% in yesterday’s trading session. Chinese tech giant Huawei believes it has all it takes to pose fierce business competition to Apple and the plan at the moment is the unveiling of its flagship phone which is set to take place somewhere in February. Reports indicate that it will be collaborating with AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) and it is looking forward to achieving immense business success in the long run.

It is now a year down the line since Huawei got down to the manufacture of the device and that was also the exact time that it reached out to AT&T Inc luring it to join hands with it. Sources indicate that confidential negotiations were conducted between the two. What followed later was that Huawei undertook an elaborate research to find out the real nature of

The U.S market

An official working with Huawei said, “The partnership with AT&T marks the first time that a major U.S. carrier will sell a Huawei phone for its main service. Huawei has also made technical adjustments to the smartphone, dubbed the Mate 10, to meet U.S. standards, per the report. As part of the company’s undercover research, a few of Huawei’s U.S.-based employees surveyed telecom stores to observe the habits of the American consumer.”

Huawei has a clue about the true nature of the American market and is thus at the moment preparing itself for a major hurdle. The first thing which would worry even any other company in Huawei’s shoes is the fact that a large portion of the American consumers to this point in time aren’t familiar with most of the products that are manufactured by the company. Anyway Huawei is willing to take the risk and that is according to the company’s spokesperson.

The company has expressed its great and undying commitment when it comes to either building or keeping its reputation in tact in the new market as well as back at home. For that reason it has set aside quite a significant sum and hopes that the new venture will take it a notch higher in terms of achieving immense business success.


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