The Cars Of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Will Soon Be Fitted With A New Feature


The stock of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) closed at $315.36 gaining 1.19% in yesterday’s trading session. A lot of people have from time to time pressed Tesla Inc seeking to get it to provide them with a new feature that they need. It is great news to most of them learning that the Company might soon be serving them with the new feature.

In its many years of operation, Tesla takes great pride in most of its incredible features such as the semi-autonomous driving on highways and an enormous touch screen. However, there has been one outstanding feature that the company has been missing and a year is about to elapse before it gets it. The automatic windshield wipers are very important tools and the great news that the company is getting them soon is a reason to celebrate for those that have been looking forward to see the Tesla deliver on its promise.

However, it is important to point out that it is not a feature that is very new to the vehicles of Tesla. In fact, most of them used to have them until that particular moment when Tesla resolved to unveil its second generation of its Autopilot hardware, something that took place way back in October 2016.

From that point, the Company resorted to updating a series of elements in its new cars in a bid to improve on the customer experience. It wasn’t long ago when one individual posed a question to CEO Elon Musk wanting him to speak in an elaborate manner regarding the new developments.

The top official went ahead to reply citing that the company had been doing what was for the general good of the various car owners. According to him, the new feature would be changing speed in an automatic way depending on how much rain will be hitting the vehicle in question. Musk said that as a company they were determined to take advantage of all the technological advancements that would help them impress customers and grown to become a top stock in the market.

The company’ spokesperson opined, “While Tesla owners have given their cars rave reviews, the company will have to overcome manufacturing problems for its Model 3 and deliver on its electric semi-truck, the Semi, to keep owners and investors happy.”


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