Citrix Systems, Inc (NASDAQ:CTXS) Banking Its Hopes In Brazil


The stock of Citrix Systems, Inc (NASDAQ:CTXS) closed at $88.63 losing 0.21% in yesterday’s trading session. Citrix has proceeded to disclose that it has plans underway to ramp up channel training in Brazil and that would be in a bid to ensure that it achieved threefold growth in local sales in the coming years despite the fierce competition posed by rivals.

Experts that have been following closely on the progress of the firm outlined that its performance was remarkable over quite a long period of time. To make their comparison, these officials considered a wide range of the more mature markets and they disclosed that its revenue growth at the moment stood at 20-22 percent with an associated expansion of about 16 percent and that was witnessed in the United States.

A person familiar with the matter and who also worked with the firm opined, “We have gone through many ups and downs in Brazil since we began operations here 17 years ago, but even in the toughest moments we have never reconsidered our commitment to our local clients and we are here to stay.

Another executive working in the department of Citrix’s desktop and application virtualization outlined that they were happy about the fact that they were the ones making the lead sales in Brazil. He got more specific by saying that the Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) product was witnessing immense growth. He asserted that the positive productivity impact of the product was matter that helped enhance the firm’s image in a significant way.

It goes without saying that the 2018 [SD-WAN] might be experiencing immense growth with the passage of time. In fact, it might be going hand in hand with the local economy. The more the economy improves, the more it will improve as well.

A lot of discussions have been ongoing for quite some time. They have been conversations revolving around how customers view the issue of security and the reliability. One notable aspect is that quiet a significant number of customers lean more on those strategies that are aimed at cutting down on costs.


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