T-Mobile Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) Adds 39 Million Customers Within A Timeframe Of Five Years


The stock of T-Mobile Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) closed at $63.84 losing 0.08% in yesterday’s trading session. The past five years have witnessed T-Mobile add about 39 million customers and several market analysts have termed it great progress. According to them, the company is on track to climbing the ranks to become an industry leader. Business dynamics are shifting pretty fast and T-Mobile has always been keen on grasping all the opportunities that come its way to gain an edge over rivals.

In the fourth quarter, reports indicated that the company had added about 1.9 million customers. In the course of last year, it accumulated almost 5.7 million customers. The filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission showed that in total the company had about 72.6 customers. And that shows that the company has been doing a commendable job in line with attracting huge numbers of customers to its remarkable services.

The rise of John Legere to the position of the company’s CEO pulled in with a lot of desirable changes. Analysts that have been following the company closely have proceeded to term the official a hardworking one who has the interests of the company at heart. Legere in his term in office has been advocating for teamwork in carrying out the various company operations.

Some time ago, T-Mobile had tried getting into a merger with several federal regulators but things did not work out according to plan. It was a point of great frustration on the part of the company and it later on tried putting in place measures to help it recover.

The official is commonly referred to as the rebellious firebrand by those that know his leadership style and the way he moves bout matters. He entered the company almost at the same time with Chief Operating Officer Mike Sievert. They two had a common goal of coming up with the “Uncarrier” brand which would move along way helping lift the morale as well as grow T-Mobile’s market capitalization.

The company’s spokesperson stated, “The Uncarrier marketing campaign was responsible for T-Mobile’s comeback, aiming to convince customers that T-Mobile is different than competing wireless carriers.”


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