Aquantia Corp (NYSE:AQ) Reports That Partnership With NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) Helped It


The stock of NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) closed at $242.72 losing 1.67% in yesterday’s trading session. It was on Tuesday when Aquantia Corp (NYSE:AQ) moved ahead to disclose that its shares had managed to make a handy gain. It took the standpoint that the change might have been as a result of the announcement it had made earlier regarding its collaboration with Nvidia Corp.

In making its announcement, Aquantia was rather clear about its plan to deliver solutions for multi-gig Ethernet connectivity in the area of autonomous cars. The other thing was about the outstanding design win with Nvidia in the company’s new DRIVE Pegasus and DRIVE Xavier Pegasus platforms.

Nvidia DRIVE AI car computers are designed in such a manner that they are able to process data emanating from LIDAR, multiple cameras, radar and a wide array of other sensors throughout the vehicle.

One of the experts said, “To deliver Level 4 and Level 5 driving — which is categorized as a fully autonomous vehicle — hundreds of trillions of deep learning operations per second (TOPS) need to receive and process sensor data and immediately communicate critical decisions throughout the vehicle’s systems.”

The operations get to a point where the Aquantia Ethernet products get to avail the data as well as the decisions back and forth and all this is in a bid to spark about a top end autonomous experience.

The board chair and chief executive of Aquantia Faraj Aalaei outlined that the NVIDIA DRIVE platform was keen on utilizing diverse and redundant functions in a bid to attain the highest level of safety. Anyone that makes a close follow up will attest to the fact that it the Multi-Gig connectivity is needed in quite a major way.

Reports indicate that Aquantia was at the frontline when it came to the unveiling of the standards which later on introduced Multi-Gig connectivity to the rest of the markets.

He went on to take immense pride in the fact that they had managed to uphold their leadership position while at the same time they were making tremendous steps towards transitioning the various markets to higher speeds.


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