McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD)’s Takes The Crown For Social Media’s Most Visible Brand Beating Apple, Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE)


A survey conducted by market research and online statistics firm, Statista, has revealed that the highest social media visibility by corporate brands is enjoyed by McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD). On average the Golden Arches logo of the fast food giant appeared in social media posts numbering close to 890,000. This was on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Instagram and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) platforms.

No. 2 on the list after McDonald’s was Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE) which was featured in an average of 788,490 social media posts in a month. Nike’s rival, Adidas, was in the third position as it was featured in approximately 772,520 social media posts per month. According to Statista the reason for two sports goods firms being in the top three was because of how popular posts by athletes as well as fitness selfies were.

“Selfie culture along with the rise of influencers is giving brands a ton of exposure, which, in many cases, they don’t even have to pay for,” a data journalist at Statista, Felix Richter, wrote in an online posting that accompanied the data.

Tech brands

Also in the top five were carrier Emirates Airline and beverages giant Coca-Cola. Though they appeared in the list technology brands such as, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google did not perform exceptionally well as they all appeared in less than 0.5 million social media posts.

The high ranking that McDonald’s got with regards to social media presence has come as a surprise given all the issues the fast food giant is facing. This includes losing market share to competitors. Last year during an investor conference the fast food retail chain admitted that since 2012 the company had lost sales transactions numbering 500 million.

Generation Z and Millenials

McDonald’s high social media visibility however points to the fact that the food chain is in touch with crucial demographics, the so-called millenials and Generation Z.

Statista’s reports comes in the wake of McDonald’s releasing its fourth-quarter results earlier this week. Per the results new menu items introduced by the fast food giant as well as value promotions help draw in more customers to McDonald’s restaurants. Across the globe same-store sales rose by 5.5% and this was the fastest pace in more than half a decade.

On Tuesday shares of McDonald’s Corporation fell by 2.98% to close the day at $172.48.


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