Miroglio Fashion to Leverage on Omnichannles Belonging to Oracle (NYSE:ORCL)


The stock of Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) closed at $50.96 losing 1.89% in yesterday’s trading session. Miroglio Fashion, which happens to be an Italian fashion company has over quite some time planned on a future that will have it drive innovation in a major way. It has also been looking forward to that moment when it will be able to achieve immense success in line with the creation of connections between data, products and people.

It was today that Oracle proceeded to make the announcement regarding the move by Miroglio Fashion to deploy its Retail Customer Engagement and Retail Xstore Point-of-Services to achieve its set goals. It has been a number of years now since the giant retailers ventured out to operate about 1,100 stores, 2,400 wholesale outlets, six commerce sites as well as about 12 distinctive women-wear brands.

The CEO of Miroglio Fashion Hans Hoegstedt said that they were following up closely on the evolution of the typical consumer adding that the more he/she grew would be the more they would move ahead to make favorable changes in line with innovation.

According to him, the fashion guru was at the moment focused on taking advantage of Oracle Retail since that would be the best way for them to help their series of digital locations to better serve the large number of customers. It is about getting both the digital and physical locations to start operating as part of a network and in that manner the goal to serve customers well will be achieved pretty easily. Each and every customer requires that provider who is able to serve him or her with unified shopping experiences and unified stock management across channels. There is great need to provide all the customers with the empowerment they need in order to make it easy for them to get to a point where they are able to engage with most of the retailer’s brands. And select those that appeal the most to them.

The Group Chief Information Officer at Miroglio Fashion Francesco Cavarero opined, “We needed speed, efficiency and reliability to execute toward the vision of our Retail Innovation Program. Our leadership team declared explicit business targets.”


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