Mallinckrodt PLC (NYSE:MNK) Pleased After Earning The Somerset County Planning Board Land Development Award


The stock of Mallinckrodt PLC (NYSE:MNK) closed at $15.92 losing 1.55% in yesterday’s trading session. This Company is pleased after its new Specialty Brands office site in Bedminster made a major headway in the Commercial segment by gaining the recognition it has always anticipated. It received the Somerset County Planning Board Land Development Award for 2017 and that tells quite much regarding the efforts it has been making in the recent times.

It was on a Tuesday evening that the awards in the different categories were unleashed and this particular undertaking was held at the County Administration Building in Somerville. The Company made the official opening of its Specialty Brands office back in October 2017 and to be more specific that was at the 1405-1425 U.S. Route 206.It is an office that serves as home to a workforce of about 500 who fundamentally showcase great support to the series of products in Mallinckrodt’s autoimmune and hospital business.

Mallinckrodt President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Trudeau while speaking to a number of news reporters that were interviewing him after attending a business conference had pretty much to say in relation to the matter. He asserted that as a Company they were impressed to have been honored alongside a wide array of development projects.

He said that it meant quite much to them to play a lead role in the development projects tailored towards helping the community as a whole. At the centre-point of the company’s undertakings is the great push to employ top levels of design and creativity.

According to the official, over the years Bedminster has remained to be the ideal setting for their business operations and on the same note he went ahead to point out to the significant design and planning efforts citing that they have done pretty much in helping them establish the build-out of a collaborative, dynamic work space.

He was of course referring to the improvement of conditions for the Company’s New Jersey-based employees. It was about having in place a site that met up to all the needs of the company’s fast-transforming business.

An official working with the company said, “New energy-efficient LED lighting replaced older fluorescent interior lighting, as part of an energy efficient master lighting control system.”


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