Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Enhances Google Maps By Debuting Wheelchair Accessible Routes


The stock of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) closed at $1,150.61 gaining 0.15% in yesterday’s trading session. Google Maps from now moving forward will be showing wheelchair accessible routes in cities like London, New York and Boston.

It was last Thursday when the search giant gave out an official statement outlining that people could now move ahead and take advantage of Google maps. They could assist them in a major way in getting directions that are catered specifically to those persons with mobility issues.

It is indeed true that different persons can use Google Maps in maneuvering around using public transit. However, it is also crucial to point out that at times such routes may not suit those persons with disabilities or those on wheelchairs.

Google’s spokesperson recently disclosed a number of things during an interview. He said that as accompany they were determined to team up with a wide range of the transit agencies. According to him, the company’s priority at the moment is to be able to catalogue the best wheelchair-accessible routes.

But what is the working principle behind the tool? It works on the principle of the interested users entering the exact location they are headed to. It is as simple as tapping the “Directions” tab from where one can proceed to choose “wheelchair accessible” which happens to be one of the options available. It falls under the “Routes” category.

If matters unfold according to plan, it is anticipated that Google might be debuting the latest feature in most of the major metropolitan sections worldwide. Besides London, New York, and Boston, sources indicate that the option will be unveiled in Sydney, Mexico City  and Tokyo.

Rio Akasaka, who happens to be the product manager at Google while speaking to a number of journalists, stated, “We’re looking forward to working with additional transit agencies in the coming months to bring more wheelchair accessible routes to Google Maps.”

Competition is growing rather stiff around the globe and the official delved deeper into the matter to outline that the company remains committed sharpening its competitive edge.


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