Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Shifts Its Focus To The Education Market


The stock of Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) closed at $175.24 losing 0.034% in yesterday’s trading session. This company is at the moment reconsidering expanding its footprint in the education technology market and if all moves according to plan it is expected the company will soon be hosting an education-focused event. It is important to outline that it will be happening after a long gap of almost six years.

In the same note it is important to outline that Apple sometime back used to be a monumental player in the EdTech industry and of course that was on the back of its Mac computer and iPad offerings. But, along with Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), Apple ended up losing its market share with the unveiling of the lower-priced Chromebook by Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google.

In consultations about the future, it is important to first and foremost scrutinize the state of affairs at the moment and one point worth noting is the fact that Apple succeeded at grasping a 50% share of the education market. That was way back in 2012 and on the other hand Google which is known for its nascent Chromebook recorded just 1%.It was two years back when the tables were overturned to have Google stick out as the holder of a 50% of market share.

Going by the most recent report, one thing that is coming to the limelight is the fact that the Chrome OS with the passage of time continues to stick out as the holder of a majority share in the U.S. K-12 Mobile PC Market. In the course of the previous year it managed to ship 58.3% of its top end devices. But, in regards to the global shipments of devices by OS, Microsoft’s Windows succeeded at upholding its top position in the year.

Within a time frame of just one year, the shares of Apple have gained 23.9%, and a close comparison shows that it was able to outperform S&P 500’s rally of 14.4%.  It thus goes without saying that Apple’s renewed focus targeted towards the expansion of its education ecosystem might end up intensifying competition among the wide array of the tech behemoths.


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