Office Depot Inc (NASDAQ:ODP) Among Advertisers Pulling Ads From Conservative Host’s Show


Office Depot Inc (NASDAQ:ODP) is the latest firm to withdraw from advertising on a Fox News show hosted by Laura Ingraham after she made insulting remarks on Twitter to David Hogg, a student who survived the Florida school shooting that occurred earlier in the year. In the tweets Ingraham mocked Hogg for failing to get into the colleges he desired. Consequently Hogg listed the advertisers of Ingraham’s show asking his followers on Twitter numbering over 600,000 to contact them and seek their withdrawal.

Ingraham’s Fox News show is known as The Ingraham Angle and was ranked fourth among cable shows on television in February this year per AdWeek among those aged between 25 and 54. Besides Office Depot, Ingraham lost 12 other advertisers. This was a tiny portion since there are around 129 firms which have aired their adverts on Ingraham’s show in the past ten days according to media activist group Media Matter. However the Ingraham show has ran filler ads a couple of times which is an indication that the controversy has scared off advertisers including those who haven’t withdrawn formally and publicly.

Self-healing branch

This comes in the wake of an Office Depot subsidiary, CompuCom, introducing a solution aimed at assisting banks in detecting and resolving technology issues known as ‘self-healing branch’. According to CompuCom the new technology is capable of improving customer service as well as reducing branch downtime by up to 52%.

Self-healing branch will automatically detect as well as address key issues and this includes applications, operating systems, network connectivity and device failure. The solution will then fix these issues before they have an impact on operations and disrupt workflow.

Bank’s pain points

“Working with six of the Top 10 U.S. financial institutions and other clients has helped us deeply understand bank pain points and how to resolve them. All of our lessons learned and client feedback went into the development of the self-healing branch,” said the chief product officer of CompuCom, Ken Jackowitz.

CompuCom was acquired by Office Depot last year in October at a price of approximately $1 billion. This was in line with the strategy of Office Depot to transition to being a business services firm instead of the traditional office supplies firm.

On Thursday shares of Office Depot Inc rose by 0.94% to close the day at $2.15 per share.


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