Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Places Ban On Over 200 New Russian Accounts


The stock of Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) closed at $156.11gaining 0.46% in yesterday’s trading session. Russia has time and again tried to detach itself from the accusations leveled against it that it used social media companies to influence the outcome of the last U.S elections. However, still quite a significant number if people are not yet buying the story and Facebook was at the center stage of the saga.

There were a lot of fingers pointing at the social media company. It made a promise to undertake investigations and that at seems to have bore fruits. That is evident from the statement the social media guru has unleashed today making it known that it has just managed to pull down over 200 accounts and pages linked to Russian trolls linked to the saga.

Alex Stamos, who happens to be the company’s Chief Security Officer in his recent post, outlined that to that point in time they had made significant progress. That was in close consideration of the fact that they had already pulled down 65 Instagram and 70 Facebook accounts, as well as 138 Facebook pages that were closely tied to the Internet Research Agency (IRA).Several trusted sources have brought it out clearly that a number of the top employees working with the agency were recently indicted by Robert Mueller who happens to be a special counsel.

In one of his most recent posts, Mark Zuckerberg was apparently firm in outlining that the update was all about taking down [IRA] pages targeting persons living in Russia. He cast blame on the Russian agency asserting that time and again it had it was deceptive and quite keen on deceiving quite a significant number of people in the US, Russia , Europe. He concluded that Facebook did not want anything to do with it at all and thus it should keep off.

The latest announcement pulls in at a moment when the social media guru is entangled in a different political controversy that has Cambridge Analytica at the center stage. This political data mining company has been accused of siphoning data from quite a significant number of users before the time of the elections. Zuckerberg condemns IRA for its move to betray his company’s core ethos of “authenticity.”


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