Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) And Others To Expand Their Business Operations In Taiwan


The stock of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) closed at $1,029.71 gaining 1.08% in yesterday’s trading session. This company is looking forward to implementing a number of its plans. It has been considering coming up with a training program to verse students with knowledge and expertise in artificial intelligence for machines.

It was in January when Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) revealed that it had finally resolved to settle on Taiwan on hopes that it would be the best place for it to grow its artificial intelligence business. Widely known for its Windows operating systems, the software firm will be looking to recruit about 100 persons in the coming two years and within a time frame of 5 five years it hopes to have recruited a total of 200.

It was in the previous month that Taiwan general manager of IBM (NYSE:IBM) proceeded to outline that they had plans underway to make major expansions of the R&D center which is currently situated in Taiwan. If all moves according to plan, much will be accomplished in line with the cloud computing, blockchain technology and above all in the artificial intelligence.

The manager said that they were anticipating making 100 more hires in the course of this particular year and on the same note it is worth mentioning the move to set up a cloud research lab in Taiwan.

There is need to simplify matters a huge deal and the firm will be seeking to find the easily trainable talent. One outstanding attribute about the Taiwan’s engineering is the fact that it is pretty much easy to train especially along the lines of work revolving around artificial intelligence.

That is according to the president of Taipei-based think tank Yuanta-Polaris Research Institute Kuo-yuan Liang who has been very much concerned about the firm moving past obstacles to achieve its set goals.

It is also worth noting that the labor is quite affordable with most of it coming out of the universities that offer basic engineering training. That gives it an easier time undertaking the training program. If all moves according to plan the company will soon be unleashing its next statement.


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