Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Intends To Sell Out Its Embedded Software Unit To Private Firm


The stock of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Closed at $50.38 gaining 0.78% in yesterday’s trading session. This company has disclosed that it will soon sell its California-based embedded software unit called Wind River.

The private equity firm one year ago proceeded to purchase Intel’s McAfee, an undertaking that cost about $4.2 billion. In the same line of thought it is also worth noting that the Santa Clara-based Intel is doing all within its means to ensure that it upholds its great performance and that is a happening during a moment when its business strategy is expanding a great deal.

It was on Tuesday’s press release that Intel’s Internet of Things Group senior vice president Tom Lantzsch came out clearly to outline that they were focusing on strategies that help would be helping the company pay significant focus to growth opportunities which are in total alignment to Intel’s data-centric strategy.

A person familiar with the matter has disclosed that Intel has for quite some time operated a chip fabrication facility in Rio Rancho and one notable aspect is the fact that the workforce has been shrinking with the passage of time. It goes without saying that to this point in time it still stands out as the State’s biggest manufacturer and has in place almost 1,200 employees.

The Rio Rancho plant has been manufacturing the 2-nanometer chips though it is lacking in terms of the capacity to come up with the smaller, next-generation chips. A number of top officials working with Intel have moved forward to outline that the site will soon be engaging on the development of a new sort of technology.

Several top officials have unleashed a joint statement where they have outlined that the site might be moving ahead with its plan in coming up  with the newest technologies that will be characterized speed data transfer.

Wind River experienced immense success in line with coming up with the Internet of Things products. Asides from that, it has also been disclosed that Wind River was quite a major player when it came to the overall manufacture of Intel’s autonomous vehicle systems.


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