T-Mobile Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) And Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) Consider Renewing Their Merger Talks


The stock of Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) closed at $6.00 losing 0.33% in yesterday’s trading session. It was a short while after the unveiling of the iPhone 5s that Sprint and T-Mobile Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) started engaging in talks regarding striking a merger that would see the two business gurus dedicate themselves to coming up with top-notch products that would take the world by storm.

The two expressed their willingness to merge their business operations in the hope that it was to be for their common good and the news were received quite well by customers around the globe.

It is crucial to highlight what took place back in 2013 where two engaged in serious discussions which paved way for an instance where a customer who bought a top-tier phone was offered a subsidy. Major transformations were sweeping across including the multiyear contracts getting to the point of becoming the norm.

The passage if time is pulling along with a lot if changes and those are being attributed to T-Mobile’s efforts. In 2017 it was expected that there would be some other progressive talks between the business giants, but unfortunately they collapsed .But it wasn’t the end of the road since there are reports coming to the limelight that the two business gurus are back on the bargaining table once again.

Just like it is usually the case when something new comes up, a lot of speculations have cropped up in the recent times. It all started way back when the shares of Sprint started losing about a fifth of their value. The Company started thinking of ways to trim its huge debt and what followed was the holding of a series of board meetings to discuss the matter.

There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel after the two business giants got together with the objective of conduction discussions to look into ways that they could share the burden of investing in their networks. This particular information was disclosed by a person familiar with the latest developments but who wanted his identity kept anonymous because the matter was not yet official.


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