Intelsat SA (NYSE:I) Collaborates With Vodacom Business Nigeria In A Bid To Expand Broadband Connectivity


The stock of Intelsat SA (NYSE:I) closed at $6.94 gaining 8.18% in yesterday’s trading session. This Company has moved ahead to disclose that it signed an agreement with Vodacom Business Nigeria (“VBN”) , a move that will be going along way helping deliver satellite services targeted at expanding VBN’s enterprise broadband networks. Asides from that, it will also be enabling new and enhanced services that are much needed in the entire West Africa.

To this point in time, none of the companies has gotten to share the associated financial details. The agreement struck between Intelsat and VBN if all moves according to plan will be employing satellite services on Intelsat 35e and the best part about the whole matter is the fact that it will be possible to deliver fast, high-quality, and strong broadband connectivity to the gas, oil, banking and enterprise sectors across West Africa.

Intelsat 35e stand in the fifth position among the various Intelsat EpicNG satellites. One distinguishing attribute about the Intelsat EpicNG is the fact that it pulls along with a high performance, next generation satellite platform. This is what leads to the delivery of a global high-throughput technology without necessarily compelling one to sacrifice the user control of service hardware and elements.

It is also worth noting that Intelsat EpicNG fundamentally has its basis on the open architecture, not forgetting the fact that it is engineered for backwards compatibility .And that of course culminates in its abilities to cater for the broadband, media, mobility, and government organizations in moving faster towards the realization of cost-efficiency. That is the kind that pulls along with the use of the hardware.

But what is the real essence of the increased control? The point is that it makes it possible for the organizations to move pretty fast in terms of providing customized, differentiated solutions to the various end-users and that is of course by defining some of the service features like network topology, hardware and speed.

VBN stands to benefit quite a huge deal from the ramped up efficiency, performance and the lower total cost of ownership delivered by Intelsat 35e.


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