Trump Embarks On Proving A Point Regarding, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN)


The stock of, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) closed at $1,430.79 losing 1.22% in yesterday’s trading session. There is no doubt about it that Donald Trump is not one of the great fans of Amazon. He resorted to Twitter to stage attacks on the company and doing that five times in one week is a real showcasing of his strong stand.

The recent move by the U.S leader to demand for an audit of the Postal Services finances is sparking about quite much in terms of speculations. Trump did not come out clearly as scrutinizing the Post Office’s deal with Amazon. But he is apparently backing up his claims.

Time and again Trump has made statements outlining that Amazon has for over quite some time ripped off the U.S. Postal Service. A person well conversant with the matter has moved ahead to disclose that in one way or the other Amazon might be saving the post office from financial ruin.

It was a short while back that the leader proceeded to say that the post office had been losing billions of dollars asserting that it was at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers. There is no denying it that indeed the post office is losing money. In the previous year, it was reported that it lost $2.7 billion net loss. However, it is crucial to come out clearly in stating that the post office is not at all financed by the U.S. tax dollars.

Trump opined, “Amazon has the money to pay the fair rate at the Post Office, which would be much more than they’re paying now. Amazon is going to have to pay much more money to the Post Office, there’s no doubt about that.”

It is worth noting that the U.S leader requires the support of the Congress to succeed in his quest to either reshape the Postal Service or give a major lift to the shipping rates of Amazon. These are some of the areas where the leader’s proposals have failed to gain traction. A lot of people will be closely following ion the matter.


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