Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE:BSX) Acquires nVision Medical Corporation


The stock of Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE:BSX) closed at $28.83 gaining 1.87% in yesterday’s trading session. It was today that the business guru disclosed that it had proceeded to acquire a privately-held company focused on women’s health called nVision Medical Corporation.

A person well conversant with the matter but who wanted his identity shielded for reasons best known to him revealed that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had made the move to approve a device developed by nVision.

It was a device that would help a huge deal in the collection of cells from the fallopian tubes and of course that would be a step towards developing a platform that would potentially help in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Some studies that were conducted recently have brought it to the limelight that a number of the major types of ovarian cancer apparently originate from the fallopian tubes.

Several market observers recently unleashed a joint statement outlining that ovarian cancer had at the moment climbed higher to become the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths adding that quite a large number of women had lost their lives to it globally.

They also delved deeper into the matter to disclose that almost two million women in the U.S were at a higher risk of developing the condition. It is a condition that has been occurring on a frequent basis to those that are of the associated family history or with BRCA1.

It is quite unfortunate that to this moment in time there hasn’t yet been an affective mechanism for biopsing cells in the fallopian tubes. It would have been a little bit better if at this point in time we would be having some recommended early screening tests.

The passage of time is witnessing quite a significant number of women resort to having their fallopian tubes and ovaries removed to minimize their risk of developing ovarian cancer.

An official working with Boston Scientific opined, “”We estimate the near-term market opportunity to be $500 million with the potential to grow to $2 billion as this device is used by more gynecologists to help even more women.”


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