Pornhub Indicates Its Willingness To Start Accepting The Cryptocurrency Verge As Payment

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Pornhub, which happens to be an adult entertainment website recently made a statement indicating its willingness to start accepting the cryptocurrency verge as payment. Pornhub is collaborating with Verge and the move is expected to impact the cyrptocurrency world positively.

Over the years, Mindgeek has maintained its position as leader in the provision of adult entertainment. It has made the pronouncement that it will soon be adding crypto to its payment options.

It is worth noting that the partnership resulted in the Verge prices spiking up and that was by almost 22% a few hours before the announcement was unleashed. It was a month ago that Verge started dropping hints over its plans to collaborate with a huge and progressive partner. It had undertaken to the unveiling of a crowdfunding campaign and its central objective was to succeed on its quest to collect almost 75 million worth of the crypto.

It still remains unclear to this point in time to clearly outline whether or not Mindgeek took an ownership stake in the currency. The hottest porn star in the industry Stormy Daniels took to promoting the partnership and he did that using a video.

Justin Sunerok, who is the founder of Verge opined, “Pornhub is a global organization with nearly a hundred million daily users. This partnership represents an enormous market with a global reach that will compete with fiat currencies. It’s huge for Verge and we’re extremely excited to finally be able to announce it.”

A person well conversant with the matter but who wanted his identity shielded for reasons best known to him said that Mindgeek would initially start accepting coins at three of its sites— Nutaku, Brazzers, and Pornhub. It will be after this that the rest of the sites will start following suit.

The vice president at Pornhub Corey Price in his latest statement disclosed that the adult industry was becoming more mainstream with the passage of time. He asserted that by the act of accepting crypto they were taking major steps forward in line with making the purchasing of content even more secure.


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