Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) Announces Plan To Debut A New Website Soon


The stock of Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) closed at $87.90 gaining 1.22% in yesterday’s trading session. It was on Tuesday that Walmart proceeded to make an announcement outlining that its redesigned site will be featuring relatable photography to showcase real-life moments as well as offer more personalization. On top of these, it will also be characterized with a cleaner design and a wide range of vibrant colors.

A person familiar with the matter has moved ahead to disclose that the homepage will be including a new section that will be showcasing top-selling products in the locations of the different customers.

He delved deeper into the matter to outline that the Walmart would be looking forward to providing a wide range of specialty shopping experiences, one of them being the Lord & Taylor flagship online store which if all unfolds according to plan will be unveiled this spring.

The passage of time is witnessing Walmart climb higher to become one of the biggest platforms for the online sales. This Company has for over quite some time staged fierce completion against, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) by providing free shipping implying that customers aren’t charged a membership fee for most of the purchases within the range of $35.

Walmart has been quick to acknowledge that online has become the fastest growing segment of its business. Several market observers recently made projections that the company might be experiencing 40% growth in terms of sales this particular year. The other announcement is that company might in the course of this particular year be able to deliver the online grocery to about 100 markets by the time this particular year comes to a close.

To most of the people following on Wal-Mart’s latest developments, the progress is apparently unperturbed. But the reality of the matter is that it hasn’t been smooth sailing all along. From one point to the other the business guru has experienced several challenges ranging from issues with its internal operation to the external factors such as the fierce competition from rivals. However, it has done quite much so far and that is why it is in its current position at the moment.


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