CEO of, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Discloses That They Topped 100 Million Prime Members


The stock of, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) closed at $1,527.84 gaining 1.60% in yesterday’s trading session. It was today that this company’s CEO Jeff Bezos proceeded to disclose that they had exceeded 100 million paid Prime subscribers .According to him, the e-commerce giant was more concerned with meeting up to the ever rising customer expectations and that was the reason they were determined to continue making investments towards that particular direction.

It was in the annual shareholder letter published on Wednesday that Bezos proceeded to note the milestone. The founder sees the letter as the perfect opportunity for him to move ahead and underline the strategy he had towards ensuring that the various investors got great value for their money.

It is all about bolstering their confidence and it is worth noting that at this point in time he is strategizing on ways to channel the company’s resources into strategies that will assist it expand internationally. The other goals include the invention of new products such as the Alexa voice-activated digital assistant and the Echo speakers.

There is a culture of the Prime subscribers making monthly or annual fee payments and of course that is in exchange for quick delivery of the online orders, free online photo storage, video streaming and music.

At the center of the memberships priorities is doing all that it takes to ensure that consumers get to shop more frequently with Amazon since it is the best way for them to get real value for their money.

The e-commerce giant has been rather secretive when it comes to disclosing its Prime subscriber number. That has compelled most of the analysts to just make an estimate of the figure entirely based on the shopper surveys.

What we can gather from the statements made by Bezos is that Amazon is achieving much in selling the Prime memberships overseas and it thus goes without saying that it has all it takes to move ahead and replicate its U.S. success abroad.

An official working with the Seattle-based company has said that what they are witnessing currently in Europe and other markets is quite similar to what they witnessed in the U.S. sometime back.


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