Salon Media and IBM (NYSE:IBM) Focus On Ways To Prevent Fraud In The Advertising Industry


The stock of IBM (NYSE:IBM) closed at $148.79 losing 7.53% in yesterday’s trading session. AdLedger has moved ahead to develop a proof-of-concept Blockchain product and the latest report indicate that Salon Media and IBM have been piloting it in a major way.

“The Campaign Reconciliation Project” is about leveraging the Blockchain in such a way that it becomes possible to short-circuit intermediaries between consumers, publishers and advertisers. At the moment, the company has been experiencing much in terms of vulnerability to the high-tech and ad fraud and in this particular regard it is worth mentioning domain spoofing and the bot fraud.

The global solutions leader of advertising at IBM Chad Andrews after attending a business conference that was held recently addressed a number of news reporters who wanted him to crack up regarding the latest developments of the company. He was quick to outline that the easiest way to achieve transparency to the digital advertising supply chain was by employing the blockchain backed peer–to-peer network.

However, he remains of the opinion that overseeing its success in the entire industry will require efforts from agencies, publishers, ad tech providers and advertisers. They will have to coalesce around what an official well conversant with the matter termed an auditable version of truth. It would be such a pact that would push to the attainment of a top line level of transparency across fraud detection, reconciliation, auditing, payments and the discrepancy management as well.

The latest reports has brought it out clearly that the digital advertisers are fated to lose about $19 bln to fraud this particular year which is an equivalent of $52 mln on a daily basis as per this moment, AdLedger is focused on the development of two Blockchain PoCs targeted at boosting the transparency levels as well as data security for the large number of publishers and advertisers.

The first one happens to be the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance whereas the second is about the media complains that is executed via its entire life cycle on a blockchain.


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