Bibox Discloses That Is Able To Hit About 500,000 Active Users On A Daily Basis Over Five Months Period


Over a period of just five months Bibox has already managed to attract over half a million traders with averagely about 50,000 actively users on a daily basis. Bibox today stepped forward to make the announcement that it had achieved average per day trades of US$100 million, a matter that has been praised by quite a significant number of market observers globally.

Bibox boasts of a super-secure trading platform applying the most recent AI technology and the big data analytics’ to help with the detection of trading anomalies which are known to pose risks in real-time. It is worth noting that Bibox has recently been witnessing user growth rate of about 300% and that is on a monthly basis. It has also been focusing on providing functions for the professional traders that include TWAP, ceberg, Conditional, Planned, Stop Loss/Gain orders.

Bibox is fundamentally underpinned by proprietary algorithms and blockchain and is able to support over 112 trading pairs and about 35 tokens, including Tether, Ethereum and Bitcoin, with AI going for merit when it comes to the selection of listings for the new token on Bibox Digital Exchange Platform.

Bibox is keen on employing the AI-based security and the end-to-end approach when it gets to the monitoring of suspicious activities. It is associated with outstanding secure and transparent credentials but Jeffrey Lei who happens to be its CEO isn’t stopping just there.

He is determined, now more than ever to extend the secure trading way beyond the trading geeks. It is confident that it will succeed on its quest to come up with a platform that will be found accessing by a large number of people.

Different users are associated with different tolerance capabilities and it goes without saying that each of them will be gaining a different access level to the various trading fees and services. And of course the point to consider will be their respective identities.

Bibox pulls along with the capacity to handle about 10 million users at any given point in time and for every second it undertakes about 1 million transactions.


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