Quant Network’s Overledger Expected To Drive The Next Industrial Revolution


It was today that Quant Network proceeded to unveil a public token sale and a person familiar with the matter has disclosed that it did so in order to raise capital for Overledger. Asides from enabling blockchain-to-blockchain communication, the Overledger moves further to connect its internet and existing networks seamlessly to blockchain.

As a result, it becomes possible for the various enterprises to move ahead and harness the power of blockchain in a bid to address a wide range of challenges in the real world. This time around, technology pulls a long with a great promise and is in that respect eliciting great excitement.

The past few years experienced much in line with its metamorphosis since it moved from being a ‘dubious’ experiment into a legitimate technological disruptor, a matter that market observers have termed great progress.

The passage of time continues to witness more and more enterprise resort to blockchain in establishing solutions for the present day challenges and of course that ranges from consumers easily verifying the authenticity of their top end sneakers to the pharmaceutical sector being able to secure the global supply chains.

It is worth noting that to this point in time the technology hasn’t yet been adopted on mass. Difficulties in the blockchains communicating as well as working with each other at the enterprise level are a result of its limitations.

The other point is that the unveiling of the patented blockchain operating system overledger will basically impact the current situation. That is in close consideration of the fact that it not only connects the existing networks, it also facilitates the interoperability between blockchains.

Asides from that, it also makes it possible for the various developers to move ahead with their efforts of building a wide range of applications across multi-chain applications (MApps) or the multiple ledgers. That therefore implies that the developers could move ahead and harness the power that pulls along with multiple blockchains to establish working solutions as opposed to being confined to a single –ledger dependency.


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