RightMesh And Singularity Net Push For Global Digital Inclusion


Artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain happen to be some of the most powerful tools that play a significant role when it comes to solving the most difficult challenges around the globe. It goes without saying that they have already gone a long way impacting the way the world communicates, works and above all accesses information. However, it is worth noting that about 4 billion people have been left behind.

A significant number of people coming from the developing countries can attest to the fact that they are isolated from the wide range of benefits that pull along with the advancing technologies. The perfect explanation is that from the very start they come across the basic and the critical issues which end up isolating them.

The developed world usually enjoys high end connectivity which implies that people from there are able to reap from the social, health, educational and economic advantages. Machine Learning (ML) and other forms of AI are advancing the world to an era of technologically-driven change and that has contributed towards the collaboration of two organizations which are determined to do all that it takes to ensure that the currently underserved populations are carried along in to the digital future.

Singularity Net which happens to be a decentralized AI network which focuses a huge deal on the integration of the diverse AI technologies and blockchain is at the moment on a mission to ensure the whole world is able to access AI.

On the other hand, RightMesh is seeking to save about 100 million people from poverty. By coming together, the two will be able to achieve much in line with driving digital inclusion and that is of course by making ML and AI accessible to all.

RightMesh stands out as the perfect example of a protocol and platform combining blockchain technology and the mobile mesh networks to enable those applications that are able to connect even during those instances when the traditional connectivity is lacking.

A person well conversant with the latest developments has stated that RightMesh has got all that it takes to extend SingularityNET’s AI network to the currently unconnected world.


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