Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) Is Investing Much Hope In Vision Care


The stock of Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) closed at $126.66 losing 0.70% in yesterday’s trading session. The move by this business guru to beef up its vision portfolio for over quite some time is apparently paying off according to analysts.

An official working with Johnson & Johnson JNJ has moved ahead to disclose that the sales of Vision care ended up hitting the $1.12 billion mark in the previous quarter. It was a significant rise considering the $798 million that was witnessed the last time. That was a 34 percent rise and that is considering the subtraction of the currency. Upon excluding that as well as the acquisition, it has been disclosed that the revenue escalated by about 9 percent.

This business giant relies upon vision in the refinement of its medical device group and that is the reason it sees it fit to invest in it. The plan at the moment is to move ahead and add the contact subscription service and surgical products to its lineup of Acuvue contact lenses.

The company group chair of consumer medical devices Ashley McEvoy says that everything begins from the space of sight. According to him, sight can’t be taken for granted since it really matters. He attested to the fact that there is indeed a lot in terms of the unmet need.

J&J happens to be one of the biggest and as well as one of the fastest growing segments in health care. It was way back in 2016 that J&J made its entry into the eye surgery space. Fundamentally, matters unfolded according to plan since by early 2017 the $4.33 billion deal had been completed already.

It wasn’t long after when J&J proceeded to purchase TearScience. This one is widely known for its activities geared towards the manufacture of devices used towards the treatment of the dry eye.

The vision team is out to revolutionize the business model and that is in a bid top serve more patients in a much better way. It is more to do with establishing a much better customer experience and of course that pulls along with its own benefits.


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