Reveals Plan To Switch Bitcoin Payment Processors


It was on Friday that proceeded to express its intention to switch bitcoin payment processors. That happened shortly after a service change by Coinbase and it is crucial to mention that is one of the top performing online travel booking agencies at the moment.

It was way back in 2013 started accepting bitcoin and it did that via Bitpay. Coinbase, which happens to be the agency’s processing partner, recently made a statement asserting that it would no longer be supporting the ‘custodial’ solutions for merchants.

The processing partner has made its stand outlining that it will be eliminating several features and tools deemed crucial towards the acceptance of bitcoin from the shoppers. If all moves according to plan, it is expected that the changes will be evident in a matter of weeks.

There is a system in place that is entrusted with the conversion of the bitcoin CheapAir receives from customers. It is a system that converts them to fiat currencies and it is also important to state that it is what is required in terms of enhancing the platform’s ability to accept the cryptocurrency.

It is common knowledge to quite a significant number of people that indeed the traditional airlines and hotel services when it got to receiving payments only took the fiat currencies.

The Company has expressed its willingness to align to the new twist. It will from now henceforth be accepting other cryptocurrencies and as part of its potential options we are expecting litecoin, dash and the bitcoin cash.

It was in 2014 that CheapAir stepped forward to make the declaration that it would be accepting dogecoin and litecoin by way of GoCoin which happens to be another cryptocurrency payment processor.

But even with that said, it is crucial to outline that the integration with Bitpay is a done deal already. What is being anticipated at the moment is the adoption but in the same vein it is also crucial to affirm that it isn’t going to be a very smooth ride all along. The greatest concern at the moment is that Bitpay isn’t yet accommodating of the ‘non-payment protocol wallets.’


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