Orchid Labs Expresses Optimism That It Will Raise The Biggest Token Sales This Year


The latest filings at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have brought it out clearly that Orchid Labs expects to raise about $125 million in SAFT sale.

Fundamentally, Simple Agreements for Future Tokens is all about a fundraising undertaking that offers the accredited investors what they need in terms of the rights to proceed and claim their blockchain tokens at a future date.

It is worth noting that as part of the regulations, each and every participant will have to meet minimum asset or income thresholds. No one will be exempted from this regulation which is basically mandated by the SEC.

The San-Francisco-based startup in its latest statement outlined that it expected to achieve much in the near future. It is hoping to establish an alternative to the anonymous browser software ‘Tor’b and to achieve that objective it will direct its focus on the development of its own surveillance-free layer atop the internet.

It was on April 20 that the Form D was published and one thing that it is bringing to the limelight is the fact that Orchid managed top raise almost $36.1 million out of a planned $125.59 million. The Form D filing also brought it to the limelight that about 42 investors had participated in the sale of SAFTs.

One distinguishing attribute about SAFT is the fact that it is what the various accredited investors require during those instances when the need to claim tokens at a future date when the need arises.

The Orchid’s white paper forwards the argument that there are many chances that Tor could actually be compromised and the reason it cites is the lack of the network nodes. The other target is to do all that it takes to deliver an alternative to virtual private networks (VPN).This compels the various users to trust the provider and it is all about streamlining matters.

Orchid’s solution makes it possible for the bandwidth providers and users as well to move ahead and exchange the ethereum-based Orchid tokens. The firm remains confident that it will in a major way incentivize greater participation.


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