Moonlight Makes The Pronouncement Regarding The $1,000,000 Investment From NEO Global Capital


It was in Vienna that Moonlight proceeded to make the announcement regarding the $1,000,000 from NEO Global Capital (NCG). It is worth noting that NCG is the financial investment arm of the NEO Foundation and it basically targets fostering growth of the NEO ecosystem and that is achievable through the provision of support to those projects deemed promising.

Switcheo, Trinity and Ontology are some of the other projects that NCG has been supporting over time. The smart economy workforce platform called Moonlight is at this point in time targeting simplifying matters to assist the various organizations in identification as well as in the recruitment of talent.

Most of the employers attest to the fact that it gets a little bit challenging settling for the right person for a given job. It is a little bit tricky verifying the previous work experiences and compartmentalization of skilled resources is an issue that pops up along the way. It is a major stumbling block for employees and frustrating as well when they are unable to find the roles that they are passionate about.

It gets even worse when it reaches to that point where it results in low morale and productivity within the workplace. For any project to be successful, it is crucial to eliminate anything that might be detrimental to it.

Moonlight is planning to address the matter and that will be through the combination of the employer-to-employer match making algorithm and the trustless resumes .It hopes to accomplish its objectives through the conjunction with remittance system and a project management.

The working mechanism is such that those workers that get hired and complete tasks on the Moonlight platform benefit a huge deal at that point that the smart contracts facilitate then logging of their experience in the blockchain. A breakdown of them includes reviews from participating parties, skills required to complete the task and the bid accuracy.

Moonlight, now than ever before is determined to come up with a comprehensive recruitment solution and it is making the move at a time when business dynamics around the globe are apparently shifting pretty fast. It is working to provide a wide range of the project management tools to ensure that it gives a major life to the operations of the different companies and organizations as well.

In its last statement, Moonlight made it clear that it would be laying great emphasis in fostering NEO development.


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