Cardano Expresses Its Willingness To Assist Ethiopia Grow Coffee By Employing Blockchain Technology


Charles Hoskinson, is the co-founder of Ethereum, and at the moment he is working to put the place of origin of coffee on the blockchain. He works with Cardano, which is a smart-contract fueled decentralized blockchain startup. And it is expected that he will influence the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for ag-tech development with the Ministry of Science and Technology of Ethiopia on the public ledger.

Strategies being put in place

It will be some sort of arrangement that will compel Cardano to move ahead and explore a number of ways in which the Ethiopia could advance its agri-tech sector through the employment of the startup’s blockchain technology.

The ADA coin of Cardano at the moment lies in the sixth position in terms of rankings on Coin Market Cap and reports indicate that a large number of traders did not embrace it in a good way. During the publication period, it sunk lower by almost 6%.

Terms of the MOU and Hoskinson’s perspective

The terms of the MOU provide that the participants will be looking into a number of ways in which the blockchain could be used to enhance lives. A person well conversant with the matter said that the technology could be used in dealing with fraud.

He went a step further to outline that the partnership would be pulling along with a huge impact. And of course that was in close consideration of the fact that education was fundamentally at the center of the arrangement.

Hoskinson has said that he will support all programs targeted at empowering the various developers use Cardano’s blockchain technology as well as get to share information much more easily.

The official said that they were going to offer employment opportunities to some of the local blockchain developers that will have undergone training. He added that the first class would be constituted only by the females.

Hoskinson has stated that that they will be doing all that it takes to see to it that the use of blockchain technology is expanded in the African continent and he hopes it will be doing much more than just the tracking of products.


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