Argo Investments Introduces New Crypto-mining Service For Users


Argo Investments, which is a UK-Canadian firm has introduced a new cryptocurrency-mining service for users.

Some users have been known to be eager to mine cryptocurrencies but have been discouraged by the large capital required to start one, or even the complexity of setting up. However, with the launch of such services by Argo, such users have a reason to smile.

Argo is introducing mining-as-a-service (MaaS), which uses mining software and computing hardware to help users start cryptocurrency mining. Such users need not be computer experts neither do they need to have sophisticated or expensive hardware. They only need to log-in Argo’s website using their computers or even mobile phones and begin mining for digital currencies.

Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, and Zcash are the four currencies that users can mine through Argo. Only adults willing to pay an introductory fee will be allowed to mine.

Argo To List In The London Stock Exchange

Argo Blockchain, which is a cloud-based cryptocurrency mining firm has been approved by the London Stock Exchange to list its stock on the exchange. It plans to raise £20 million through its shares’ initial public offering. This will attribute the company a £40 million value. It is a clear indication that the crypto industry is now being widely accepted. The Blockchain, which begun its operations last year works purely as a subscription-based model.

A First

Argo becomes the first crypto firm to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. This will go a long way in boosting confidence in the digital currency industry. The blockchain firm settled on the London exchange due to the city’s recognition as a global hub for financial technology.

Even though it is the first to list on the London exchange, it is, however, not the first to float an IPO (initial public offering). The company’s market competitor, Hydrominer, has taken this route before.

Argo intends to charge $25 or £18 a month for the mining activity. It will stick to the existing mining pool, it will not hold any customers’ digital tokens and will only accept one contract at a time for each customer.


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