Switcheo (SWTH) Network Team Up With NEO Blockchain-Based O3 Cryptocurrency Wallet


Switcheo (SWTH) cryptocurrency exchange recently announced that it has signed a deal with NEO blockchain-based mobile cryptocurrency wallet O3. The NEO-based decentralized exchange stated that it will help the wallet users trade directly using their O3 app. It should be noted that O3 cryptocurrency wallet is specifically built for NEO smart economy. Both Switcheo and O3 were present together at multiple events in Japan including the Keio University and the Token Sky Blockchain Conference.

Switcheo was launched in the spring of 2018 and as of now supports 19 NEP-5 tokens with Gas (GAS), NEO (NEO), and Switcheo (SWTH) as trading pairs. Just like Ethereum (ETH) ERC20 protocol, NEP-5 also serves as a token standard for the NEO blockchain.

Switcheo teamed up with O3 to make crypto trading faster

Generally, wallet customers use dAPP (decentralized application) browser, sign up for a request and then make a Switcheo trade order. Now that the cryptocurrency exchange is using O3 dApp browser, crypto trading is expected to become faster and much easier. Incidentally, Switcheo is the first virtual currency exchange to welcome O3 wallet features on its platform. Traders use O3 as a getaway to access NEO blockchain.

O3 dApp makes managing digital assets and securing them directly on the mobile devices very easy for the users. The mobile dAPP wallet is planning to add more functions and dAPPs to its platform so that the users can easily interact with NEO blockchain. Apart from NEO, O3 wallet also allows transaction through Ontology blockchain. The vision of O3 is to provide the users’ access to a smart economy.

O3 to promote adoption and use of Smart Economy

According to the co-founder of O3 Labs, Apisit Toompakdee, “By building a dApp platform/browser we will enable O3 users to interact with existing and upcoming decentralized applications (dApps) on the NEO blockchain directly from the app.”

He further added that these implementations will make things easier for developers interested in building decentralized applications for integration and will encourage people to start using their dApp. Toompakdee believes that all these activities will motivate the users to adopt and use the Smart Economy.


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