A Cryptocurrency Funded Nation Known As Asgardia


Asgardia is an independent and a developed nation. It even has plans to join the United Nations membership. Just like in other countries it has constituted its own government, it has a flag, an embassy, and a national anthem among other things.

It is believed to have been founded by an aerospace scientist, DR Igor Ashurbeyli. He is said to have built the country with an aim of colonizing space. His main reasons for creating the said nation was to ensure that space was utilized peacefully. He also wanted to safeguard planet earth from space dangers such as solar flares and asteroids. His final reason was to develop a free scientific location of knowledge in space, which was devoid of the military.

Ashurbeyli holds the view that accessing the outer space should be a human right that is not controlled by any nation on earth. More than 200,000 people are claimed to have signed up for the citizenship of the nation. The registration, which has been going on since 2016 has managed to attract almost 7,000 UK’s citizens.

Held an election

The Asgardian citizens have reportedly held an election, which has enabled them to form a parliament. This has enabled them to write a constitution, as well as a national anthem. They have also been in a position to develop a flag. The nation is said to be made of law, philosophy, and technology.

Even though little is known about the nation’s economy, but the project is said to be funded from its citizens private capital.

Its own digital currency

Asgardia is optimistic about having a functioning economy. It is also claimed that it will be a pioneer state to run on cryptocurrency. SOLAR will be the nation’s authorized digital currency. An Asgardian identity card will be the main tool on to which the digital asset will be saved. It will be integrated into a smartphone device.

Since SOLAR will be backed by the government unlike other cryptos, it is expected to be more attractive to investors since it promises better stability.

Earlier in the year, an Asgardian citizen who was campaigning for parliament suggested that only the nation’s citizens should be allowed to mine SOLAR. He called on the citizens to be in control of the digital asset and to decide on its future.


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