JiojioMe App Launches Its Own Unique JCASH Token


JiojioMe app has since launched its own digital currency named Jcash. Its aim is to ensure that all the users in its platform stand to benefit.

JiojioMe will use the digital asset on its mobile app. Jcash is at the forefront in ensuring that marketers interact with their specific audience on a one on one basis. It plans on developing a leading digital marketplace.

JiojioMe is a Singapore based social mobile app that brings together users, businesses, and advertisers in a single platform. It boasts as being a true platform where all interested parties within the app benefit. The app has been a gamechanger in ensuring that users make their choice in regards to adverts that they like.

Target specific audience

The platform lets marketers advertise to individuals only what interests them through its ability to let users make their own advertising choices. This will be of great benefit to advertisers since companies will be able to narrow down their target audience.

Existing users will be able to invite other users to the platform through Jcash. In turn, when the users buy products on the system they will benefit from discounts. Additionally, users who invite others will also enjoy promotions within the ecosystem.

The JiojioMe app will aid businesses develop their adverts according to users’ preferences. This will allow the said businesses to market their products to specific customers. Blockchain technology will then analyze different users’ choices, thereby determining what users choose to spend on.

Advertisers job simplified

Analysis through blockchain will simplify the advertisers’ task. Since advertisers will benefit from the information, they can pay for the promotional ads through tokens. It will also allow users to be paid via Jcash for giving advertisers useful information. They will also receive Jcash payments for successfully recommending others. This will be enabled through the proof of activity agreement (POA).

POA is developed to enhance the total usage of the digital monies for the efficient accountability for the advertisers.

Unlike other tokens which are decentralized, currently, Jcash is a centralized currency. It was developed as an ERC20 asset to specifically allow transactions on the JiojioMe platform. For its automation and safety, it utilizes smart contracts.


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