BitPrime Expands Digital Currency Offering In New Zealand


The premier digital currency retailer based in New Zealand, BitPrime has listed several tokens as well as expanded reserves. The crypto firm has added Enigma (ENG), IOST (IOST), Komodo (KMD), NavCoin (NAV) and Tezos (XTZ) so as to increase the supply of digital currency in the New Zealand market.

Thus, New Zealand’s liquidity will go up following the addition of the said tokens to BitPrimes reserves which will, in turn, enable transactions to be executed quickly.

BitPrime is a digital currency trading retailer that is managed and owned in New Zealand. It boasts of serving more than 9,000 Kiwis and trading more than 50 digital coins in its network.

Understanding the tokens

Enigma initially, started as an MIT project and later expanded into a smart contract network focusing on the privacy of data. This platform was behind the introduction of secret contracts to the crypto sector. The network provides privacy specifically to the healthcare sector including researchers.

On the other hand, IOST is a digital currency that is based on the Proof-of-Stake system. It provides users with enhanced scalability together with much faster transactions. The crypto holds the potential to offer programmers with numerous possibilities.

Komodo is a system that is very secure in carrying out transactions that are private without affecting their transparency. On top of that, investors are awarded a 0.417% reward for holding 10KMD and above every month.

NavCoin can be defined as a user-friendly payment network that is known for completing transactions in only 30 seconds. The platform features Lightning Network that enables transactions to be carried out across different networks.

Finally, Tezos is an autonomous system that allows for the creation of decentralized apps as well as enable smart contracts. The firm has only recently its beta-net and appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) as its auditor.


BitPrime seemed focused on scaling its business. Its only in June, whereby it partnered with Foundation. The partnership will offer the citizens of New Zealand a safe and legal platform to efficiently transact the NEM blockchain token, XEM.

When announcing the partnership, BitPrimes CEO, Ross Carter-Bown revealed that the partnership would help his clients, including those who wanted to start buying their first digital currency. Foundation’s expansion director, Jason Lee felt that the partnership would benefit both companies. Since they shared a common goal they would aid individuals and businesses to understand and transact digital currency.


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