Naoris To Launch Blockchain Technology-Based CybersecurIty Across IT Networks In Middle East


Naoris is planning to launch a blockchain technology- based cybersecurity system for IT Networks in the Middle East countries. Prior to that, the HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched the “Dubai Cyber Security Strategy.”

According to reports, PROW, the IT solutions company with headquarters in Dubai will utilize the services of Noaris’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain-based platform for securing the networks of clients. PROW is known for managing IT process across all the verticals including retail, healthcare, and government.

Naoris & PROW sign partnership deal

The two establishments have signed a partnership deal. As per the agreement, firstly, the Middle East framework of PROW will be thoroughly assessed and later on, Naoris will start its implementation across the key data infrastructures of PROW. As mentioned in the agreement, Naoris will fulfill the responsibility of providing a solid system for PROW and will deliver digital transformations and cloud-based solutions to leading tech companies.

PROW has also partnered with HP Inc (NYSE:HPQ) and Cisco Systems, Inc.
PROW is not the first company to experience need for a robust cybersecurity network in the Middle East. In fact, there are multiple big and high-profile construction, government, infrastructure, and IT projects in the area that necessitates the requirement for such robust networks offering cybersecurity. Rather, the International Data Corporation (IDC) analysts have predicted that in the upcoming four years, the cybersecurity market in the Middle East will double and rise from $11.38 billion in 2017 to $22.14 billion in 2022.

Naoris cybersecurity platform to support DeNet

DeNet wants to establish that its products can sustain and fulfill the demands from the current cybersecurity markets and for that; it is taking help of Naoris platform. It will be a test for DeNet that will form an integral part of the global strategy of the company. Incidentally, the global strategy will put a major emphasis on security guarantees for its network and for the entire DeNet network.

The vision of Naoris is to bring a revolutionary change in the way cybersecurity is looked upon and delivered across the world. The technology from Naoris is almost tailor-made for the ecosystem of DeNet for web-hosting and data storage.


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