Goonhilly To Work With A Blockchain Firm


Goonhilly Earth Station is planning on working with space blockchain based firm Spacebit. Through the partnership, the satellite communications firm, which is based in the U.K aims to utilize the said technology for mission deployment and for data apps associated with space.

By using the blockchain technology, the satellite firm will be able to develop new business types. Goonhilly will be in a position to communicate efficiently between ground stations and spacecraft using a decentralized system for its data management.

Different kind of thinking

Chief Executive of Goonhilly Earth Station, Ian Jones said that trying out new business opportunities in space required a different kind of thinking. He stated that the blockchain technology had several primary techniques that had strong parallels in the current communication technology that was secure.

Jones stated, “We look forward to working with Spacebit to discover innovative use cases and business models for blockchain-enabled space communications and showing how these might be applied.”

The partnership will help create applications that will utilize ground station that is tokenized as well as data meant for spacecraft. Additionally, the apps will be used for safer and newer communication tools and for the Internet of Things. Finally, the apps will use the distributed ledger technology (DLT) to create systems that will provide advanced data and manage the data using the same technology.

Benefit from blockchain

Goonhilly will benefit from blockchain technology that will enable it to develop, manage, and access data easily while still securing it. The technology will also help the company record every single transfer of data and increase the creation of activities around commercial space.

Spacebit’s founder, Pavlo Tanasyuk said that the collaboration was aimed at steering ahead new business opportunities regarding space communication. He felt that both companies had a similar interest in exploring and trying a disruptive and economic way of doing business.

Tanasyuk feels that the exploration of space should be accessible to anyone. He is optimistic that blockchain is capable of stimulating the modern space economy. It can lay the primary blocks for automating space communication and opening up the accessibility of satellite communication as well as spatial data.


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