Omnitude Expands Its Global Base; Opens Office In U.S Following Offices In South Africa & UK


Omnitude is now planning to expand its global base by opening up an international office in the U.S. Prior to that the blockchain middleware platform Great Britain opened offices in South Africa and the UK. Interestingly, the company is on a partnership spree announcing partnerships with Williams F1 and similar other companies for developing blockchain software platform.

Omnitude to benefit from new office in Austin

The U.S. office of Omnitude will be based in Austin in the state of Texas, which is a well-known hub of blockchain community. Rather Austin is now coming up as one of the most influential startup hubs in the world of blockchain in the United States. Most of the talent that is being diverted to Austin is coming from San Francisco. The British blockchain company is planning to use the blockchain applications in some pioneering ventures such as helping homelessness within the city.

Being part of the thriving blockchain community in Austin will prove to be extremely beneficial to Omnitude as a company and in turn, Omnitude will enhance the value of Austin by increasing the chances of adoption of blockchain to mainstream.

Austin office to serve as a center of excellence

Omnitude’s office in Austin will serve as a center of product development and excellence. It will be headed by the CTO of Omnitude, James Worthington. Martyn Brougham will be the COO of American branch of Omnitude. According to Brougham, “Today is an important landmark in our mission to make blockchain technology accessible to organisations, offering established multinationals and home-grown business ecosystems the opportunity to disrupt their markets with improved efficiencies, innovation, and trust.”

Brougham further added that the company has studied the blockchain scene in Austin and hence expect Omnitude to grow from the city. Omnitude technology has made it easier for its associated companies to exploit blockchain technology benefits faster. With the help of blockchain-based platform from the UK Company, companies can build a complex array of systems for serving their customers. The company acts only as a middleware layer in between contemporary and legacy systems.


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