Dash Users To Greatly Benefit From The Partnership With FuzeX


FuzeX has revealed in an August 29, 2018, press release that it has partnered with Dash. The deal will “open up new opportunities for point-of-sale commerce.” The companies hope to facilitate a higher usage of cryptocurrencies in everyday payments. In the process, Dash hopes to mainstream its digital coin, DASH.

Expanding the options for cryptocurrency usage

On its part, Dash is among the most well known cryptocurrency payments platforms. FuzeX, on the other hand is a global cryptocurrency payment card project. The partnership avails more options through which people can utilise cryptocurrencies. The new platform will exclusively use Dash as the unit of transactions.

In line with company strategy, Dash hopes that the partnership will help to spur their desire to be the means-of-payment-of-choice. The firm seeks to offer alternative payments solutions to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

“Our goal is to grow our FuzeX ecosystem by adding various kinds of cryptocurrency, especially those with the most consistent usability as a currency. By partnering with Dash, we are pleased to offer benefits to the users of the FuzeX card and ecosystem. We will discuss and showcase a variety of interesting projects that can enhance the usability of cryptocurrency in Dash and real transactions,” said Jae-Hun Bae, CEO of BrilliantTS and the FuzeX project.

Ecosystem of dash economies

FuzeX has brought a new dimension to the payments card projects. The project wants to develop a card that “allows crypto holders to check their balance on the actual card”. This is a novel dimension that will engender confidence in more people regarding the digital tokens.

The partnership with Dash is one in several strategic alliances that FuzeX has made that can boost its competitiveness.

Meanwhile, Dash wants to build an ecosystem of dash economies through the partnerships in which it participates. Dash’s Global Business Officer Bradley Zastrow believes that with the FuzeX card, the ecosystem is on the right path. “…people not only need a way to acquire and store their Dash but also spend it in a frictionless way with a familiar experience: Like point-of-sale purchases with a physical credit card. This partnership allows for an easy and exciting new way for people to spend their Dash,” he said.


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