Aquis Partners Archax To Implement An Institutional Cryptocurrency Exchange

Aquis Partners Archax; Archax to use Aquis technology tools and services

The cryptocurrency market is expanding by the day. Currently, most cryptocurrency exchanges focus on retail investors. In addition, the exchanges do not have the sophisticated systems and interfaces that characterise fiat currency exchanges. It is in this view that Aquis partners Archax to provide a platform that will attract institutional cryptocurrency investors.

In a press statement, Aquis revealed that the agreement will see them extend their technology to Archax. It will “provide the technology to allow buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies and tokens to be matched on Archax.”

Aquis partners Archax to target institutional investors

Archax is a nascent cryptocurrency exchange targeting institutional investors that will kick off operations in the first half of 2019. The agreement allows Archax to utilize Aquis’ complete suite of “exchange operations services and tools.” The tools include Aquis Matching Engine (AME) and Aquis Market Surveillance (AMS). In addition to the tools, Aquis will provide operational systems and technical support in the post trading environment.

The press release reveals that the Aquis matching machines have high speed and high capacity functionality. With such machines, Archax will be able to take on established exchanges like North America’s Coinbase. As well as that, Archax will have sophisticated surveillance tools that will enable it tool keep track of its operations. The tools promise the highest level of security while delivering efficient results for both the exchange and investors.

Perfect fit

On his part, Archax CEO Graham Rodford is happy that Aquis partners Archax team for a worthy endeavor. He notes that the superb tools that Aquis will provide will guarantee success once the exchange launches. He said, “Having reviewed a large number of options, it was clear that Aquis was a perfect fit for us and the winner in terms of performance. The fact that so many market participants are already familiar with their technology was a key factor in us selecting them. We believe that using a regulated MTF operator to run our core matching engine, as well as leveraging Aquis’ market surveillance team, will also fast track our time to market.”

On the other hand, Alasdair Haynes, CEO of Aquis Exchange is confident that their technology department will continue to grow. He believes Archax is the best partner to work with. “…we are very pleased to be working with them,” he said of Archax.


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