The $3 Million Raised By Cointopia To Fund The Launch Of Blockchain PR Marketplace

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Cointopia announced on September 6 this year that it managed to raise $3 million in a funding round and it has revealed that it plans to use that money to launch a blockchain PR marketplace.

The current plan by Cointopia is to use the $3 million to facilitate the launch of a marketplace that will be aimed at providing a platform where blockchain services and businesses can come together. The platform will allow large firms and startups that want to invest in new technologies to gain easy access to blockchain technology from one central place.

Cointopia hopes that the platform will provide a variety of blockchain services such as community management, PR, blockchain technology development and white paper authoring among others. Such a platform would be highly welcome especially considering the rapid pace at which blockchain technology is growing. It is believed that fintech will be one of the industries that will benefit greatly from the technology. Decentralized ledger technology promises massive improvements to areas such as e-commerce, real estate, healthcare, and financial services.

The plan is to take advantage of the many emerging technologies by creating a forum where crypto-related services will be centrally available. This will allow it to gain more popularity within the crypto space. The plan to create a forum where blockchain services can be consolidated came up after Michael Yim, the CEO of Cointopia identified that the lack of regulation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market has resulted in chaos. Cointopia, therefore, wants to rectify the situation by becoming a vetting service that will build up an end-to-end standard.

The new market will feature a rating system that will be operated on a public blockchain t make sure that reviews are immutable and accurate. This will go a long way towards making sure that there is transparency within the market, therefore allowing customers and companies to have confidence in the system. Cointopia will also work together with a broker/dealer to come up with a platform within the system that can be used by startups and companies to launch their initial coin offerings (ICOs). Cointopia currently has 10 employees and its offices are in Singapore and South Korea.


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