PlayUp Makes Digital Token Betting A Reality

Digital Token Betting; now a reality of launching of PlayUp Bet

PlayUp is making such big moves that it has some users asking if it is all a fantasy. To prove that it is all needless worry, now PlayUp makes digital token betting a reality after launching PlayUp Bet. In a Sept. 12, 2018 press release, the company revealed a new platform for the PlayChip ecosystem. This brings the total number of platform to eight.

Absolutely cash-free

The company prides itself as the leading sports betting avenue in Australia. PlayUp Bet will offer wagering options to users “on nine different sports.” Most eye-catching, however is the revelation that the platform enables 100% token usage. This implies that one cannot use fiat cash in any form, electronic or otherwise, to place and redeem bets. In addition, the PlayChip ecosystem comes with its own native token, the PlayChip token. In fact, the release notes that the platform gives users a first feel of the crypto before official offering.

In terms of expansion towards market dominance, PlayUp CEO agrees that the year is exceptional. Daniel Simic, the CEO is sure that the good run this year is on the back of the painstaking effort. He believes that the work put in by the staff coupled with a bold strategy is responsible for the success. He said:

“It’s fantastic to be able to announce the launch of one of the world’s first crypto-token only betting platforms.”

More transparency as digital token betting arrives

Most important of all, the biggest move this year is making digital token betting a reality. Per the CEO, the blockchain platform will ensure a transparent betting ecosystem. In his words:

“We’ve been working hard on this platform for a while now and it’s great that it has come to fruition. We firmly believe in the benefits that decentralization can bring, not only to payment solutions, but also fair and transparent gaming.”

According to Finfeed, sport betting is an upcoming favorite pastime for Australians. The online publication notes that almost $23 billion a year is spend in sports gambling in Australia annually. This implies that the entry of cryptocoin betting will disrupt the market. Further, the digital token will attract more enthusiasts of the cryptocurrencies.


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