LongHash Launch Bitcoin (BTC) Tracker To Trace Origin Of BTC

LongHash Launch Bitcoin Tracker To Trace BTC Origin

LongHash launch Bitcoin Tracker that will help the crypto traders track the original source of BTC. The blockchain and crypto media and analysis site believes that it will provide peace to everyone including the investors, general public as well as regulators. The tracker helps users to find the history of BTC including all the locations where it traveled.

LongHash’s tracker may not appeal to users

LongHash believes that mainstreaming adoption of crypto will be possible with the introduction of such tools that assure transparency. According to the site, “Compared to the traditional financial system cryptocurrency can seem murky. Bitcoin transactions are pseudonymous, which makes them attractive to criminals.” Users supporting new coins prefer privacy-based system and not the one that can provide them origins of virtual currency. The primary aim of such users is to curate the digital assets to non-traceable hard cash. That is why this tracker from LongHash may not seem that appealing to such users.

However, the site believes that the tracker will attract large institutional money and hence LongHash is not at all worried about the overall response from the proponents of the coins. The site carries a BTC address search to the homepage.

Offering peace to investors is the primary aim, says LongHash

The site clearly stated that it does not intend to reveal the identities of those holding Bitcoin. But they definitely want to give more assurance and peace to the minds of investors, general public and regulators. Importantly, it will also make people more confident who now fear to invest in cryptocurrency as they believe that it supports crime and is not a good industry.

For tracking down Bitcoin the site of LongHash offers two address searches, Fuzzy and Precise. Fuzzy requires only a few characters from an address to start searching. It is also possible to carry out customized searches with the help of these search addresses. You can use common terms such as “100 million richest BTC addresses” and so on.

With the help of precise address search, users can find details of the amount received, sent and overall transactions history once they enter BTC address.


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